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Frequently Asked Questions


Does MMS / CDS really destroy all pathogens?
How long does MMS / CDS stay active?
How long does MMS / CDS last and/or does it expire?
Is it safe to use MMS / CDS during pregnancy?
Is it possible to overdose on MMS / CDS?
Why does MMS / CDS make you feel sick or nauseous?
Is MMS / CDS safe to use with children?
Does MMS / CDS affect blood pressure?

Lifewave Patches

How to purify water using MMS / CDS
How to make CDS
What are the 3 Golden Rules when using MMS/CDS?
Can MMS / CDS be transported?
How does CDS affect intestinal flora?
Does MMS / CDS influence the action of drugs / medicine?
Can a person with mercury fillings take MMS / CDS?
MMS / CDS helps to dissolve blood clots

LifeWave Patches

What is phototherapy?
How LifeWave phototherapy patches work
What is acupressure?
What is in the patches?
How do the patches work if nothing enters the body?
Are the patches safe to use?
Have the patches been independently tested?
How long can I wear the patches on my body?
Where do you apply the patches for the best results?

Lifewave Patches

Which LifeWave Patches are available in South Africa?
Can the patches be combined?
Can Y-Age patches improve my skin?
How soon can I expect to see results with Y-Age patches?
Can I use Y-Age Aeon for pain relief?
How it works: Phototherapy & Glutathione
X39: What is the role of stem cells?
How soon can I expect to see results with the X39 patch?

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