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CDS 100ml


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100ml CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

CDS is made from MMS, yet less reactive, but is likewise a natural remedy and the most powerful killer of pathogens known. It has recently shown how it can help to dissolve blood clots (scroll down to description and downloads).


  • Destroys anaerobic & aerobic micro-organisms
  • Destroys viruses
  • Effective treatment for all forms of infection & illnesses
  • Detoxification
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves oral health
  • Effective disinfectant (personal, animal and all surfaces)
  • Purifies water
  • Much more gentle on the stomach
  • More pleasant taste

CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

100ml CDS in a dark blue glass bottle with a pipette dropper.

CDS is a concentrated aqueous solution of 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide gas in distilled water. The reaction between MMS and the standard 4% HCI activator produces chlorine dioxide gas. This distillation solution (the gas absorbed into distilled water over 24 – 36 hours) called CDS, contains no sodium chlorite (NaClO2) and has a neutral pH.

CDS is made from MMS, but with its neutral pH, is not as reactive in the body as MMS and thus does the same pathogen-destroying work as MMS, without the off-putting taste and nausea many users associate with MMS. CDS is not as strong as MMS and thus is used in higher quantities than MMS.

1 drop of MMS = 20 drops / 1ml of CDS.

Scientific explanation about what Chlorine Dioxide does in the body

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: MMS / CDS helps to dissolve bloot clots

Scientific explanation about what Chlorine Dioxide does in the body

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: MMS / CDS helps to dissolve bloot clots

Features & Benefits

Destroys Anaerobic & Aerobic Micro-Organisms

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Destroys Viruses

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Effective Treatment for Infections & Illnesses

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Immune System Support

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Improves Oral Health

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Disinfectant | Antiseptic

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Purifies Water

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More features:

  • Fast-acting and non-addictive
  • 100% Natural
  • Impossible to drink toxic quantities of CDS, because it's an emetic substance & you will vomit it out long before you ingest enough of it to be harmful
  • No endocrinological effects associated with the ingestion of Chlorine Dioxide in humans
  • No neurological effects associated with the ingestion of Chlorine Dioxide in humans
  • No documented lymphatic immunological effects from the ingestion of Chlorine Dioxide in humans
  • No effects on the reproductive system from the ingestion of Chlorine Dioxide in humans
  • No effects where cancer can be associated with Chlorine Dioxide in humans
  • No known accumulation effects of Chlorine Dioxide or Chlorite in humans
  • No mutagenic effects associated with Chlorine Dioxide in humans

Directions & Usage

Please click on the link below to download the protocol to get started using CDS. Note where instructions for CDS is denoted with *

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that small doses administered at frequent intervals, up to once an hour, are more effective than large doses administered once or twice a day, so always remember that it is much more effective if you take it each hour.

Below are two general protocols on how to use CDS. Important: You will always get the best results from many small doses, rather than a single large dose.

Protocol A: Maintenance | Beginner
Protocol C: Detoxification & Treatment for Most Diseases
Protocol M: Malaria (and other similar life-threatening illnesses)

Cautions: Do not allow children to use CDS unsupervised. ** Do not allow CDS to sit in direct sunlight, even if it is in a coloured bottle, as the heat could create pressure in the container which could cause the bottle to rupture and cause alkaline burns. Never allow full strength CDS to remain on your skin for more than 20 seconds, as it can cause mild chemical burns (that will disappear in a few hours). In the case of having taken too much CDS, just dilute it in the body, by drinking a glass or more of cold water. If this does not work, add 1,000 to 5,000mg of vitamin C to the glass of water you take. Vit C cancels out MMS. Sodium bicarbonate also acts as an antidote. Use either one, but not both. Based on the above, it is clear that one should not combine CDS with Vit C or other acids, as they cancel to actions of CDS out and if used together, neither of the two will benefit your body.

Please contact us for further instructions and assistance on using CDS.

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